The Devils Thumb Story

Far North Queensland is the perfect location for Devils Thumb Distillery to produce world class spirits. Our philosophy is based on four key principles that we will not compromise.

We call these our cornerstones.

dark clouds rolling over tropical mountains near road

01. Local Provenance

Fresh local ingredients infused in to our spirits.

Whether it be cane juice that is fermented the same day, or wild botanicals from the adjacent rainforest, our distillers source fresh ingredients which is reflected in the quality of our spirits.

creek in rainforest

02. Traditional Methods

Follow the time honoured traditions practiced by the best distilleries in the world.

We use traditional distilling equipment and processes that align to the style of spirit. Our spirits are produced, aged and bottled without any additives. No added sugar, caramel or tannins – our spirits are genuine and authentic.

brass container used for distilling

03. Natural Water

We use water flowing from our natural rainforest source for the production of our spirits.

Our water is sourced from the streams flowing below Devils Thumb peak in the Daintree Rainforest, which is the oldest rainforest in the world. We re-cycle in production then return only clean water to the earth.

waterfall long exposure

04. Tropical Climate

Our flavoursome rums are fully matured in the tropics.

Extended fermentation with natural yeasts create flavoursome rums with an unmistakable aromatic profile.

Our rums are then matured onsite at our Port Douglas distillery in the Far North Queensland. Five years of ageing in our climate is the equivalent of eighteen years in the cooler regions of Australia. 

tropical coastline